YK 11



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Increases Muscle Mass

Promotes Healthy Muscle Growth

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Slows Down Cell Aging

Enhances Speed and Power

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YK11 300MG

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YK11: A Very Strong SARMS reviewed

A quick overview of YK11

A potent and powerful performance-enhancing booster, the interesting thing about YK11 is that it is not a SARM in the traditional sense the way that so many of the other popular performance-enhancing supplements on the market today are but instead works as a myostatin inhibitor.

Working to break down the barriers in our biology that limit the amount of muscle mass we are able to generate on a regular basis, this compound instead elevates our ability to produce lean muscle mass – helping us grow stronger, faster, and bigger.

Each and every single human has a biological “restrictor plate” that stops them from building lean muscle mass on a regular basis, and if we didn’t have this “restrictor plate” in place all of us would continue to bulk up with every single step and with every single object we ever picked up.

This limiter is dictated by the amount of myostatin we naturally produce and the way that YK11 works is to sort of slip by that limitation and allow the human body to pack on more lean muscle mass than they naturally might have been able to before.

This is what makes this performance-enhancing supplement such a game changer and is why it has quickly established itself as one of the most popular options on the market today.


  • Designed to help those living with muscle wasting diseases fight back against these conditions
  • It’s possible to add between five and eight pounds of lean muscle mass during a single eight-week cycle
  • It’s possible to add lean muscle mass while losing weight and melting fat at the same time
  • YK11 makes it easy to protect your lean muscle mass gains from wasting away when you eat at a caloric deficit


  • YK11 was only discovered in 2011 and its long-term health impacts are as of yet not understood
  • YK11 can be difficult to get a hold of and expensive to purchase right now

How Exactly Does YK11 Work?

As we highlighted above, the YK11 compound works to break down the amount of myostatin our bodies naturally produce – the natural limitation on the amount of lean muscle mass we are able to create biologically (without really pushing the boundaries of our biochemistry).

By adding regular dosages of this compound to your daily diet you’re able to quickly inhibit the production of this biochemical, stopping it from limiting your body’s natural production of new lean muscle mass – which in turn naturally elevates the amount of lean muscle mass you’re able to create with each and every workout.

As we highlighted above, it’s not at all unreasonable to expect to add between five and 8 pounds of lean muscle mass (and nobody fat) when using YK11 on a traditional eight-week cycle. Some people are able to stretch their cycle of this compound out to 12 weeks, though that isn’t recommended for first-time users – and may not be quite as advantageous as you think, depending on how you react to the introduction of this compound to your own biochemistry.

We aren’t talking about a traditional Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) here, but it works on a similar basis. You are going to get similar results with this compound as you would have with traditional anabolic steroids or other performance enhancing drugs without any of the negative side effects that those kinds of compounds inevitably bring to the table.

What Are the Potential Side Effects of YK11?

As far as potential side effects of this compound are concerned, the overwhelming majority of people that have taken advantage of this performance-enhancing booster reports no real side effects aside from increased hair growth all over their body.

Now, there aren’t too terribly many people that are going to be all that excited about excessive hair growth all over their body while they are taking advantage of YK11, but as far as your short or long-term overall health being threatened is concerned that this is a pretty reasonable side effect for the benefits it brings about.

On the flip side of things, some have also reported hair thinning and even pattern baldness when they have used this compound on a regular basis. It’ll all boil down to your own unique biochemistry as far as the types of side effects you may see moving forward, though there are some people that do not experience any side effects whatsoever even after using YK11 for multiple cycles.

There’s also the potential that you’ll notice a slowdown in your libido and overall sexual drive, that you may experience issues with high blood pressure and low level liver toxicity, and some may even experience suppression of natural testosterone production.

With the help of the right Post Cycle Therapy protocol, however, you’ll be able to eliminate all of those side effects and their aftershocks throughout your health and well-being quite quickly and effectively.

What Are the Most Effective Dosages of YK11?

The recommended dosage for the YK11 compound (for men, anyway) is just between 2 mg and 5 mg per day.

Women that are thinking about taking advantage of everything that this performance-enhancing substance has to offer will want to go with a much smaller daily dosage. A dosage of between 0.5 and 2 mg per day is best suited for women.

As we made mention of above, cycles of this substance can stretch out to 12 weeks but the overwhelming majority of people that use this compound instead choose to limit it to an eight-week cycle on with a PCT cycle of four weeks to “reboot” their systems, so to speak.

When Should I Expect to See Real Results?

You’ll be able to see real results with this compound almost instantly, particularly when comes to your strength and endurance improvements.

Expect to head personal records on all of your lifts maybe 10 days after you begin supplementing with this compound.

You’ll see lean muscle mass improvements as well as weight loss improvements steadily throughout your cycle, but it may take you until the end of your eight-week cycle to notice just how much lean muscle mass you’ve been able to put on without packing any extra pounds of fat on as well.

Can YK11 Be Stacked with Other Supplements?

YK11 can be stacked with other substances and with other supplements – including SARM compounds – but it is such a potent and powerful performance-enhancing booster that you may not want to take that approach.

The most important thing to remember should you go down this road is to make sure your individual dosages of each compound are really dialed in. It’s always a good idea to start with smaller dosages than what you might think you need at first (building on those early initial dosages moving forward as you see your body react) rather than starting off with a big bang and hoping for the best.

Final Verdict

All things considered, YK11 is obviously a powerful performance-enhancing supplement that serious athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts are going to want to seriously consider going forward.

While not a traditional SARM it offers many of the same benefits with the same kind of low level to nonexistent side effects, which explains its popularity in just the last few years.

Sure, the long-term health impact of this compound is still not yet fully understood because it is so brand-new but early indications are it is a viable and effective alternative to traditional steroids and other chemical cocktail performance-enhancing drugs without the side effects that can devastate your health on a permanent basis.