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Stenabolic (SR9009) Review: Pro’s & Con’s of this SARMS

Introduction to Stenabolic

Also known as SR9009, Stenabolic has gained a great deal of attention in recent years. Some have even gone so far as to compare it to exercise, but in a form one can keep in a bottle. To be sure, there is something decidedly appealing about being able to get the benefits of exercise from something you can take orally. For this reason alone, SR9009 has become very appealing to bodybuilders and other athletes. If you look into some SR9009 reviews, you will see people from all walks of life, raving about the fact that these benefits are legitimate, work quickly, and produce noticeable results. Should such praise be taken seriously?

We think so. However, as is the case with anything for bodybuilding/mass-building, you will want to take a realistic view of things. In other words, while the hype for this particular product is a bit much, there is a significant amount of truth to these claims. The more you learn about Stenabolic, the more excited you are likely to become.

Let’s break down all of the considerations for this product. For example, understand that SR9009 should be considered just element of what you’re doing, in order to meet your bodybuilding goals.


Under a man named Professor Thomas Burris, SR9009 was developed at The Scripps Research Institute. One of the most interesting things about Stenabolic is the fact that it is not an SARM. It is often included as an example of SARMs, but the truth is that it is actually a REV-ERB. It was initially developed with an idea towards understanding the relationship between REV-ERB and the circadian rhythms of mice.

What is REV-ERB? Simply put, it is a protein that you can generally find in certain parts of the body. This includes skeletal muscles, livers, and even the brain. Your sleep patterns are ultimately determined by your circadian rhythms. These elements come together to help determine how a mammal will perform under physically and mentally exhausting conditions. It isn’t hard to see why some are eager to apply the benefits of this supplement to bodybuilding and similar ventures.

At this point, you can better understand the benefits of Stenabolic.


One of the most notable Stenabolic benefits to keep in mind is how it works on a number of levels.

While it is simultaneously reducing anxiety levels, SR9009 is also improving your overall levels of endurance. Furthermore, SR9009 can also reduce certain undesirables. This includes inflammation, unwanted weight, and high cholesterol. SR9009 has been highly regarded for not only improving all of these areas, but in terms of bringing those benefits to a wide range of individuals. To put it in other terms, bodybuilders are not the only group that can utilize this supplement to a positive end. At the same time, the benefits can be particularly significant to bodybuilders and other athletes.

The weight loss benefit works well with the ability to work harder, which in turn helps one to build bigger, stronger muscle mass. It is worth noting that SR9009 works particularly well with a sensible diet and exercise.

Not only can Stenabolic improve your overall endurance, but it also leaves you with considerably more energy. It works against not only exhaustion, but anxiety, as well. There have even be studies showing that SR9009 can help deal with heart disease. It has even been suggested that this supplement can help to prevent fibrosis.

These are just a few of the benefits being touted for SR9009. Judging by reviews and other information, it certainly seems as though these benefits are worth taking seriously.

Side Effects

At this moment in time, there is very little to be concerned about, with regards to Stenabolic side effects. Studies have not turned up anything that should be of concern to human beings. Furthermore, there does not seem to be any indication that SR9009 can cause liver toxicity over time. Obviously, further studies will likely be conducted, in order to develop an even deeper understanding of what this supplement has to offer over the short-term and long-term.

The only noted side effect of SR9009 has been the presence of insomnia in some individuals. This appears to only occur with individuals who are taking other supplements. You may need to readjust certain supplements you are presently taking. You may have to drop certain supplements altogether. This is the only known side effect to come from Stenabolic interacting with other supplements in a fashion that could be described as negative.

Ingredients And Dosage

Stenabolic is a synthetic, pure supplement. You may find it suspended in a PEG-400 solution. This means ethanol may be part of how your SR9009 is stored. Beyond that, there is really nothing about ingredients that you will need to keep in mind.

On the dosage side of things, understand the following: At this moment in time, there is no official dosage for human consumption. However, bodybuilders and other athletes have come to a consensus as to how much a person should take to achieve desired results. Most experts suggest sticking to a dosage that falls somewhere between 20mg and 30mg. Stenabolic cycles shouldn’t last more than eight weeks, with eight weeks then being taken off from usage. For those who have never used SR9009 before, it is suggested that one start with a smaller dose that falls between 10mg and 20mg. Naturally, you will want to pay close attention to how your body responds.

You should also note that Stenabolic can stack well with other steroids. The half-life for Stenabolic is just four hours, so keep that in mind, as well.

Customer Reviews

Stenabolic customer reviews have been extremely positive across the board. Any reviews you come across will point to this supplement as delivering on exactly what it promises. Naturally, this is also something that will be dependent on whether or not you take the supplement correctly. To that end, make sure you follow all directions associated with the product.

Customer reviews also point to this supplement working to produce results fairly quickly. Anxiety and exhaustion are both reported to drop, once the cycle begins. This is then followed by increased energy, which in turn allows an individual to meet their exercise/bodybuilding goals. Other reviews emphasize that virtually all of the benefits of SR9009 were experienced during a cycle.

Obviously, further reviews and research will give us an even better idea of what this product has to offer. Nonetheless, in the present, SR9009 is one of the best-reviewed supplements for bodybuilding you are going to come across.


Clearly, there is a lot about Stenabolic that is worth getting excited about. Given the almost lack of total side effects associated with this supplement, it seems reasonable to say that this is at least worth a try on your part. It is also affordable enough to make it worth a try.

Again, it is important to follow directions for use exactly as they are stated. You should also note that while this supplement works well on its own, it works even more effectively when combined with sensible diet and exercise.