On 5 June 2016, Geo Pharma’s brand Fit Body founded first Georgian language Magazine Fit Body is a new word in the sphere of sports supplements. Our main goal is a popularization of the healthy lifestyle in Georgia. We are the team which is focused on deepening of societies knowledge about sport, fitness, and nutrition. We are trying our best to provide interested people with theoretical information about the healthy lifestyle. “Fit body” has many activities which are oriented for using this knowledge in actions. Our team is proud to be the founder of the first Georgian magazine Fit Body. Each number of our magazine is inspired by successful sportsmen and their way of life.

At first step Llc “ Fit Body“  imports and sells sports supplements, this specific sphere is the most important for us as for it’s quality and consuming dosage control. At the same time, our main goal is to encourage sportsmen’s  We are proud of our foreigner partners they provide us with premium quality products. For them, Georgia is fastly developing country in this sphere. We will be glad to introduce to any interested athlete quality which is accepted in Europe, Asia, and the USA which is recognized as the most developed country in the manufacturing of sports supplements.

Innovator and active partners are always welcomed in Fit Body team. For fit body one thing is always unchangeable: healthy means qualitative.